the collections...

I am thrilled to introduce three of my abstract collections: Wild Ones, Sketches of Spring and Edify. Each collection features 5"x7" original abstract works that are connected by a specific idea. Purchase one to be displayed as solo inspiration for you or collect a group to exhibit in frames, designing your version of a gallery wall. I hope they bring you as much joy as I had in creating them.


'Wild Ones' Collection

Bright and bold. Soft and quiet. This collection is minimal in its subject matter, but impactful in the execution of shapes, composition and color. Wild Ones is an unrestrained celebration in response to the untamed and free moments in our everyday life.


'Sketches of Spring' Collection

The natural beauty of spring resonates strongly with me because of the dormant period this season must experience to reveal  renewal and rebirth - resulting in true beauty. Sketches of Spring captures the beautiful expereince of nature's awakening.


'Edify' Collection

Nothing can rival His life-giving words to encourage, uplift and remind us of how much we are loved. The Edify Collection joins the power of inexhaustible scripture with the expressive abstractions that are to be the "lights on our paths".